Everyone Should Travel

There are tons of benefits that everyone can receive from traveling. Everyone should travel because you get to go out and explore different places in other states and countries. You get to meet new people and learn about different cultures. Traveling also gives people a break from reality, like if they have kids, some parents travel to get some time to themselves. Traveling allows people to have social opportunities, like a girl’s trip with their friends, because they get so caught up in their own lives that they don’t have the time to spend with each other. Some people also travel because they may live in a colder state, so they travel to go somewhere that’s warm where they can go on the beach and enjoy the water. People may also want to travel for special events like a honeymoon or a wedding. 

People should also take the opportunity to travel for holidays or for spring break. People travel to visit family members that moved far from them because they don’t get to see them as much. My family and I travel mostly during winter break because it gives us something fun to do on Christmas Day. Sometimes we go out of the country to explore how different places are from where we live. We have eaten, partied, and made friends with others all while we were traveling. We have gone to Cancun, Mexico, a cruise to the Dominican Republic, and last summer, we went to Jamaica which was fun because they had a dance contest and we rode horses along the water. Traveling gets people to experience things in the world that they might not have had the opportunity to experience in their own city.

Traveling can also lead to people not being afraid of things anymore. I used to be scared of heights, but once I went ziplining in Cancun, I wasn’t afraid of heights anymore. When you travel, you get to look at the unique and different clothes of other cultures. When you go out of the country, you also get to see their money which can be very different from U.S. money. Overall, people should travel because you spend special moments with your friends and family and get to take pictures or videos to remember the good times you had while you were there.

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