Bullied second-grader opens food pantry

Bullying is an issue that many people face as children which can negatively impact their social development. Cavanaugh Bell, a second-grader from Gaithersburg, Maryland was facing this very issue. 

Bullied at school by his peers, Bell decided to make a difference and do a positive thing instead of letting the negative comments get to him or doing the same thing back.

What is it that he did, you might ask? The second-grader decided to open a food bank. His words were, “After I was bullied and I felt a darkness inside of me, I knew I didn’t want other kids to feel the same way I felt.” He then went on to talk about his mother’s involvement in him helping and giving back to his community. 

He started the project with his own money, making packages for the elderly people that live around him. With time, people heard more about the pantry and more supporters stepped up to help. Many contributions were made and they were able to move their pantry to a space in a local warehouse that was donated. 

Struggling with issues like bullying is hard; however, one second-grader continues to have a positive outlook and desire to help others.

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