There Is No Difference: Plus Size Edition

All my life I have been plus-sized. In others’ eyes, I was bigger than the average child or person and they didn’t like that. I could feel the judgment everywhere I went. Being plus-sized in today’s society can lead to a lot of things like bullying, hate, and violence, but I am here to tell you that there is no difference in people because of size. Your discomfort towards it doesn’t matter. Plus-sized women have risen above any and every challenge sent. From something as simple as a shirt and jeans to something as beautiful as a ball gown, we wear these things and feel beautiful and confident with ourselves and our images. We aren’t left out of anything and that’s how it should be. There are now more and more brands and sites representing plus-sized women. We now have the same representation in the media as everyone else. 

In the world we live in today, plus-sized girls are becoming equal in representation to all other women, equal to those of smaller sizes that fit into society’s standards. Plus-sized women have stores and websites, such as Shein, Fashion Nova Curve, Lovely Whole Sale, and Ashley Stewart, just to name a few. People are starting to see that real women come in all shapes and sizes and we aren’t much different from each other. 

Plus-sized women are just as beautiful and unique as someone half their size. Heart and personality matter, not size and weight. I think it’s time people stop looking down on plus-sized women and start supporting them. As a plus-sized girl, that would help our confidence reach new levels to a place where we feel more free and accepted.

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