County Athletic Season Pushed Back Once Again

Unfortunately, the winter season for county sports has been pushed back once again, and some people are disappointed about this change. The first athletic season was originally supposed to start on December 7th, but due to the rising number of Covid-19 cases, it has been pushed back again to January 4th.

Coaches and athletes have been hoping that they can start as soon as possible, but this recent push just made the wait even longer. Chris Brewington, coach of the Oakland Mills Track Team, is one of the many coaches who have been affected by this ever-changing situation. In regards to the date being pushed again, Coach Brewington stated, “I think it’s the right move, I rather them shut it down instead of us going out there, someone getting sick, and it get shut down for a few weeks anyway.” He did not disagree with the decision because he said it was about the safety of the coaches and the athletes, but he also suggested that the athletes can go out on their own time and work out in order to stay in shape. Like many coaches, Coach Brewington says that his athletes can contact him through the Team App and he would be happy to give them suggestions for a workout.

So, there are still things that team members can do to get some practice in; it’s really just up to the athletes to do so. Working out through this time can be mentally helpful too, Brewington said. Overall, Coach Brewington may not have wanted the push back at the start of the season, but he sees its necessity and importance. He thinks it is the right option and will stick by it until it’s over. Until then, we will all have to wait to hear further news about the uncertain future of athletics.

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