New Technologies of 2020

We live in a period where technology advances more and more each day. The telephone, automobile, airplane, and even the lightbulb are things that have been developed for the better of mankind. The question now is: what new technologies can the world design and how can these creations better our society?

The Muama Enence is the technology needed in the world right now. With just a few clicks, this device can translate anything spoken into a total of 43 languages. This pocket device allows people to speak their native tongue, and then the device proceeds to translate it into the chosen language.  In the year 2019, an experiment was held in various places to test this item. The video displayed a man in a black suit walking up to strangers and asking them questions in a couple of languages, including Italian and Spanish. This device could do wonders for those who are unfamiliar with speaking and understanding a different language. Imagine how this could play in restaurants, trips, and schools. The world of communicating with others would be so much easier. This device makes for an ideal gift for those who have trouble with language learning or even those who enjoy traveling.

Have you ever had a difficult time getting rid of dirt in the tiniest of places? Your keyboard, smartphone, headphones, or TV remote are examples of places where bacteria can become trapped. The portable UV sanitizer, Mobile Klean, helps with this exact problem. According to the article “Why Would I Need An Ultraviolet (UV) Light In My HVAC System?” written by Don Johnson, research shows that UV light “converts pathogens, pollens, and mold into harmless inert byproducts.” If this device were available in our homes, it could make it easier for people to kill bacteria and live healthier lives. The installation could help with the solution of inhaling contaminated air around us.

Third on the list, we have the newest technology: TapN and charge. This device allows people to charge their devices without the use of wires. With just a placement of your phone on the circular pad, your phone could be charged within a matter of minutes. This device works on any kind of smartphone. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, this product will do the job for you. This creation is a smart product for those who easily break their chargers. The use of wireless charging could help with the reduction of power cables, and the elimination of how many batteries are being thrown away. An article published on March 2018, by Michael Merry, “Environmental Problems That Batteries Cause” explains how “disposable batteries can result in liquids and dissolved metals that are toxic to plants, animals, and the environment.” This wireless charger is a technology needed for a clutter-free environment. 

Because we live in an era where the production of new technologies could help with the complexities of human capabilities, the development of new technologies makes tasks easier. It improves work, helps with exchanging information, and can even help better our community. So, if you are looking for a gift idea for family or friends this holiday season, consider these new technologies. If we want to make a change in our environment and society, these products are a great place to start.

Click the link below to witness how this technologies play a part for our benefit.

(104) MUAMA Enence – How It Works? – YouTube

(104) How to Turn any Phone into Wireless Charging Phone – YouTube

(104) Mobile Klean – Your Lightsaber For Fighting Against Germs – YouTube

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