COVID-19 vs. Small Businesses

COVID-19 has affected a lot of people, families, and communities, but it has mostly affected local small businesses. Whether it be struggling to reel in cautious customers or even having to file bankruptcy, most businesses are feeling the effects of the pandemic. Some have managed to survive by changing their regulations to fit the new regulations of the pandemic. For example, requiring a mask to be worn in order to enter, limiting the number of customers in the business, and putting hand sanitizers at the entrances all help make customers feel safe.

Even with all the health regulations put in, small businesses still struggle to get their regular workflow back due to many state governors changing hourly openings and closing times. Some business owners have to worry about how to pay their employees and keeping up with their rent. “COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on small businesses’ revenue, and millions of Americans employed by our nation’s smallest businesses are at risk of unemployment as a result, ”states a survey conduct by Mainstreet. Even with the government’s help, remaining open is not guaranteed for long.

A survey conducted by Onepoll revealed that the number one challenge was maintaining revenue levels. “Small business owners are focused on ways to stay afloat right now, while also navigating the challenge of an ever-expanding to-do list,” said Carly Moulton, spokesperson for Zapier.

Some local businesses have managed to hold on due to the fact they have regular, loyal customers, and they are pretty well known around their area. For others, it’s harder, especially if they have recently opened up for business. Everyone has been severely affected by the pandemic, in many different ways. The only way to pull through the pandemic is by following health regulations while supporting each other the best that we can.

Please visit this website for more information on local businesses and how to support them.

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