the people vs. covid-19 vaccine

After almost a year of Covid-19, and no sign of it getting better, government officials confirmed that they are working on distributing a vaccine for the virus. The vaccine has been officially deemed to be handed out to the public. The vaccine is also free of charge since it is paid with tax money. But despite there finally being a vaccine to fight against the … Continue reading the people vs. covid-19 vaccine

COVID-19 vs. Small Businesses

COVID-19 has affected a lot of people, families, and communities, but it has mostly affected local small businesses. Whether it be struggling to reel in cautious customers or even having to file bankruptcy, most businesses are feeling the effects of the pandemic. Some have managed to survive by changing their regulations to fit the new regulations of the pandemic. For example, requiring a mask to … Continue reading COVID-19 vs. Small Businesses

Not All Heroes Wear Capes, Some Wear Baseball Hats

A lot of unfortunate things happen in the world we live in, and there’s not always much we can do to control it. One option is to adapt to the situation and move on. Another option is to actively work towards making the world a better place, just like Kevin Ashford, who donated all of his 25,000 baseball cards to a little girl who lost her … Continue reading Not All Heroes Wear Capes, Some Wear Baseball Hats

Top Ten Halloween Costumes

Don’t have a Halloween costume to wear this year? Wanting a costume that’s original and not a lot of people will wear? I got you covered.   Money Heist  This costume is great if you have a group of friends that are going to dress up together, and this costume is also gender-neutral. This costume is from Netflix.  Power Puff Girls  These cartoon crime-fighters are another … Continue reading Top Ten Halloween Costumes

Pro-choice vs. Pro-life

The definition of pro-choice is “advocating for legalized abortion” which also means giving women the right to get an abortion without having to suffer legal consequences. It also means that women have their own choice about whether or not they wish to keep their unborn babies. Pro-life means that women do not have a choice because it would be illegal to get an abortion since … Continue reading Pro-choice vs. Pro-life