Top Ten Halloween Costumes

Don’t have a Halloween costume to wear this year? Wanting a costume that’s original and not a lot of people will wear? I got you covered. 

  1.  Money Heist 

This costume is great if you have a group of friends that are going to dress up together, and this costume is also gender-neutral. This costume is from Netflix. 

  1. Power Puff Girls 

These cartoon crime-fighters are another group costume idea that can be really fun and you can dress up in different styles as long as it has the same color pattern.  This costume can be worn solo as well. 

  1. Bratz Dolls 

If you watched Bratz growing up and you loved it, then you should definitely dress up as a Bratz Doll this Halloween. This costume can be worn solo or in a group. This costume is super fun to dress up in because of the 90s/2000s fashion. 

  1. Zombies 

It’s a classic that’s fun to dress up and do your make up for, and it’s a good DIY (do it yourself) costume. It could be paired as a single or group costume. 

  1. Halloween Based Characters 

Jigsaw, Michael Myers,  Jason, and Leather face, are all the well known famous faces of horror and they make for some great costume ideas. These costumes are easy because you would just need a mask and some sort of jumpsuit. You could always change the costume any way you want. 

  1. Spies 

This is a really good costume if you’re into all the James Bond movies, plus you can dress very fancy as well. You can wear a fancy suit or fancy black dress with some really nice jewelry. This costume is more for a duo than a group.

  1. Monster Drinks 

This is a very creative costume you can wear if you really enjoy the Monster energy drinks. It’s a pretty cool costume idea because it’s different and you can really get in touch with your creative side. 

  1. Anime Characters 

If you’re into Anime like me, then this is the perfect costume for you. Just pick any of your favorite anime characters and dress up as them, you could always just use items out of your closet as well. 

  1. Scary Clowns 

This is a classic Halloween costume, all you need is face paint and a clown costume or a scary mask. There’s nothing scarier than a clown!

  1. A Celebrity 

This is a really fun costume that you and your friends can dress up as. You can pick any of your favorite celebrities to be, including movie actors/actresses, music artists, fashion designers, and artists in general. 

I hope my list helped you decide on what to dress up as this October 31st, and I hope you have a great and spooky, but most importantly, safe Halloween. Remember to wear your masks this year! 

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