OM’s Favorite Candy

What’s your favorite candy? The Oakland Mills Journalists decided to hold a short survey to determine the OM community’s favorite and least-favorite candy in honor of our favorite spooky holiday.

The survey results revealed that OM’s most-liked Halloween candy is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. 16.2% of those surveyed voted for Reese’s, with Sour Patch Kids coming in a close second at 13.1% of the surveyors. 

Of the 28 different candies submitted for favorites, 6 varieties held 66.7% of the votes, while the other 22 varieties held the remaining 33.3%. 

The least favorite candy of the community is Twizzlers at an overwhelming 18.2% of the survey. Coming in second place for the most disliked was candy corn at 8.1%. The leftover 39 varieties submitted for the least favorite candy made up the remaining 73.7%.

A similar survey held nation-wide by who tried to find the best and worst Halloween candy. Resee’s Peanut Butter Cups were also found to be the most liked candy, while Sour Patch Kids landed in fifth place. Candy corn was the least-liked candy by a landslide.’s results were almost parallel to the results of the OM journalists’. Suspiciously, Twizzlers were nowhere to be found on’s survey. Does OM have a secret local hate for Twizzlers?

Regardless of your favorite kind of candy, make sure to practice the proper safety precautions this Halloween in order to help keep everyone healthy and don’t forget to get spooky. 

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