Last Minute Amazon Gift Ideas

This year more than ever, people are buying gifts online instead of going out to stores. One of the many websites being utilized for holiday shopping is Amazon. Amazon has a wide variety of products from all kinds of sellers worldwide. Another benefit of Amazon is the speedy delivery time with a Prime membership. Here are some holiday gift ideas for your loved ones if you are still in need of a last-minute gift. 

Gifts for Mom:

Under $50: Adult Weighted Blanket – A nice blanket like this one is always loved, especially by people who are always cold. This blanket is also weighted which is a big plus for comfort. With a price tag of $43.49, this gift is an affordable way to make sure mom has a gift that she can enjoy during the cold, winter season. 

Under $100: Digital Picture Frame – Something like this is a good idea especially if you aren’t still living at home. With this picture frame, mom can wirelessly connect and display pictures on the frame that reminds her of you. Although this gift has a more expensive price tag, $95.99 is a small price to pay for memories all year long. 

Gifts for Dad:

Under $50: Yeti Stainless Steel Mug – This mug is a perfect gift for someone who likes to drink coffee or tea but is always on the go. It is a stainless steel Yeti mug that comes with a lid, perfect for a busy and hardworking person! At $24.98, this mug is a very affordable way to ensure a functional gift that dad can enjoy all year long.

Under $100: Fossil Men’s Watch – Want to get something extra special for dad this year? A nice durable watch like this one is a classic but perfect gift for someone who always loses track of time. At $89.25, this watch is a stylish way to make sure that dad has a reminder of you every time he looks at the time!

Gifts for Sister:

Under $50: LED Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder – This gift is a great idea for someone who is always making videos or taking pictures but can never seem to find the right lighting. A portable ring light will be their best friend and provide perfect lighting. At $39.99, this gift is a must-have for all virtual social and school-related events!

Under $100: 6-in-1 Hair Dryer and Volumizer – Hair products are always essential, and this product is especially special because it comes with many attachments so that you can do almost any style with ease! With one tool, you can dry, volumize, straighten, and even curl your hair. Although the $79.99 price tag is steep, you would end up paying double this if you bought each tool that is included in this gift separately. 

Gifts for Brother:

Under $50: Slammo Game Set – At $30.37, this Slammo Game set is a great gift to get your brother out of the house. Fun outdoor games are a perfect gift to give to someone who is active and loves to be outdoors with friends and family.

Under $100: JBL Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker – A durable speaker like this one is a good idea for someone who loves music and loves to share it with others! At the top end of our price range ($99.95), this well-made speaker should last a long time and bring musical joy for years to come. 

Finding gifts during the holidays can be hard so I hope this gave you some inspiration! Regardless of the gifts you select for your loved ones, remember that the time spent together is the most important gift of the holiday season!

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