Laundry Force Laundromat

Two months ago, a laundromat opened next to LA Mart in the Oakland Mills Village Center. I interviewed Micheal, one of the managers at Laundry Force laundromat. He says that this new business decided to open in the area because of the demographics. He said the age groups, supermarket, and apartment buildings are what give the area potential for the new laundromat’s success.

Sadly, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Micheal says they aren’t getting as many customers as they had hoped for. He says they are hoping to stay here for the next ten years. Since the business is a laundromat, it is important that they keep the place clean. Micheal says they clean every 30 minutes and every time a customer uses a machine. As you can imagine, that’s a lot of work considering that they have 60 washers and 74 dryers! They are very well aware that the pandemic is still in the air. They have made it so their employees are spread out and they don’t have too many people in the building at once.

I asked Micheal why he came to this company. He replied saying that he was an accountant who was here to help kickstart the company to make sure that they see the success they want. He said that one of the challenging things he had to face was cleanliness. He shared with me that instead of using coins, they use cards for their machines. The cards help prevent theft while also helping the shoppers keep things more organized so they don’t have to worry about losing their money. Another way that the cards help the business is that they keep things cleaner since instead of touching coins that have been passed from person to person, you get a personal card that you can keep and use at the laundromat as many times as you would like.

The building has many washers and dryers for people to use and a lot of tables for people to fold their clothes while they are there. They also have red tables and seats with some benches to relax while your clothes are drying or washing.

In the future, they hope to have another location for their business and Michael will have moved onto help the next location. He says he will keep checking up on the business to make sure they’re still running smoothly. The business has gone around giving out flyers and posting on the Oakland Mills Village Centers’ social media that they are open and ready for business! They also have a new website called, so go check it out and go to the shop to give it a try while being safe and wearing a mask.

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