Updates On Online Learning In Maryland

The Covid-19 virus has been affecting us all in many different ways, especially academically. Schools have been shut down since last March and we have no comfirmed timeline about when they may reopen. Everyone still wants to be safe during this pandemic, but a select bunch of kids could greatly benefit from going back to school.

 Some parents are hesitant to let their children go back to school, but as of right now, they are losing the argument against the school board. Many health officials don’t think it’s the best idea to open schools for everyone’s safety. According to NPR.org, during the third study from the United States, there was no elevated risk to childcare workers who are on the job. “As a pediatrician, I am really seeing the negative impacts of these school closures on children,” says Dr. Danielle Dooley, a medical director at Children’s National Hospital in Washington D.C. 

School is a vital element to kids’ lives, both health and academic wise, so not being in the building is affecting many students. While this is an important matter, everyone’s top concern is making sure the students stay healthy and virus free. While Covid-19 cases have been going up recently, we are still hopeful that the plans to go back safely are still in motion. While a few school systems have plans to reopen soon, it’s certainly not guaranteed because of the unpredictability of the cases.

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