Another Let Down For High School Athletes

After waiting two long months to hear the go-ahead for the Howard County winter sports season to start, it’s officially been canceled. Although this result was somewhat expected, the high hope built up within the athletes was shut down with the announcement.ย 

The winter season was scheduled to start December 7th, 2020, but was later pushed back to January 4th. The 4th came along and it was like everyone had forgotten about the season. Two weeks passed and then the news came out that the winter season was cancelled due to rising Covid-19 cases in Maryland.ย 

With the rising numbers in Covid cases, it was the right decision to maintain safety during the pandemic, but there are also a lot of athletes who really needed this season. All athletes could possibly imagine that maybe, this was their year. This was also the last year for senior athletes to have their make-or-break year for college scouts, an opportunity that is now gone.

However, the Fall and Spring sports seasons have not been canceled as of yet, so the hope for those athletes still remains.

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