Why You Should Join Journalism!

As some of you may know, this website is run by OM students in Journalism I-IV. A majority of the articles you have read were written by us, the students of OM Journalism. If you are a student at Oakland Mills and are interested in writing what you want, I encourage you to keep reading!

Journalism is one of my favorite classes. Frankly, I joined Journalism because I wanted to improve my writing, and that’s about it. I did not expect to love this class as much as I do. Every week, you are given a chance to share the topic you are going to write about, and then you write about it. Once it is finished, your article gets sent to an editor and then posted on the website. Our website is seen all over the world! When school is back to face to face learning, your work could also be published in our school newspaper, which is called “The Scroll.”

When you join Journalism, you join a group of students who are eager to work. These students are determined journalists, bringing the stories from around the world to our little corner of Maryland. Journalism is a place to make friends, not just through the class, but through interviews and extra coverage. It is also a space where you can keep growing. There may be a point where you could even become an editor. Sometimes, you will even have the opportunity to be on ScorpTV! 

Now I’m not saying this class is an easy “A,” because it isn’t, but it is a manageable “A”. As long as you meet your weekly deadline, you’ll pass, and if you can’t meet that deadline at any given point, extensions are always granted! 

This class also helps strengthen your research skills. When you write an article, it’s all your writing, meaning that its your job to research whatever you want to write about and make sure you get all of the facts correct. 

This class is extremely relaxing to people who want to write because it gives you a break from writing school essays constantly. Journalistic writing is school writing, but for whatever you please to write about. You can pick from four styles of writing: news, sports, editorials, and features. News and sports are basically the same, sports just mainly focuses on the athletic community. Features are news articles but with greater detail and more interviews and editorials are your own opinion in writing. For reference, this piece, that you’re reading, would be considered an editorial. If you join Journalism, which you definitely should, you will learn more about these writing styles and so much information about the world of journalism!

I highly recommend joining us next year or any years to follow! We are always looking for new journalists to give our website some spice! If you have any questions, contact your counselor or the Journalism advisor, Ms. Moore, and they would be happy to share their insight!

Ms. Moore’s email: Katlyn_Moore@hcpss.org

Counselors email outline: firstname_lastname@hcpss.org

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