Hype and Chill Playlists

Hype playlist – rap is the main source in this playlist, some songs being faster than others, but overall the playlist is still meant to get listeners in a dancing mood and get them to get up and release a little stress, you know? This playlist is meant to bring out that inner party person in you that doesn’t get to come out often.

Artists include: 

  • Ann Marie
  • Asian Doll
  • Agust D (Korean)
  • BTS (Korean)
  • Cuban Doll
  • Jay Critch
  • J Alvarez (Latin)
  • JIN DOGG (Japanese)
  • Moneybagg Yo
  • Takayan (Japanese)

Chill playlist – this playlist is meant to relax listeners and give them a more chill type of vibe, such as feeling the need to just sit back and take in the world around them or even just cry. Some songs hit a certain spot that can bring a few tears and that’s okay. 

Artist include:

  • BTS (Korean)
  • DPR live (Korean)
  • J-hope (Korean)
  • Janine
  • Junny (Korean)
  • Phora
  • Offonoff (Korean)
  • RM (Korean)
  • The Neighborhood
  • ZAYN

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