Best TIkTokers

Tik Tok is one of the most popular apps in today’s world. A lot of people got really famous simply from making short videos about various topics. But who are the funniest TikTokers? 

In my opinion, the best Tiktokers are the ones that you watch and can make you laugh. Those big stars like Chari D’amelio just aren’t as entertaining to me. But the NYC crew, made up of Sham NYC (aka CEO of the Ayo community) and Zeddywill (aka C-Bandzzz), are among my favorites. They take comedy to another level by taking their big friend group from New York and making funny videos about them. Another funny page is Daquan, who is funny on every social media platform. That picture of the angry boy is so iconic that when you see the blue check, you just know it’s Daquan. 

The best, funniest reaction people on TikTok would be bizbtw, who is known for his love of going “gazer gazer gazer.” Also, joe.bartolozzi is great with his raging to silly TikTok videos that often make no sense and are nothing but downright cringy. 

Then there are the interviewers who just go to random places and interview people. The funniest one to me is zionstaples – he’s like one of the only ones that you can clearly see isn’t staged. And last but not least, my favorite TikToker and the one that I personally find the funniest is tpbaby2000 with his hilarious content of real life situations gone wrong. His content is really funny because he takes them that are really weird and puts them in real life scenarios. Overall, out of the millions of people on TikTok, these are some people I would recommend if you wanted a quick laugh.

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