New Animal Crossing Update

This past January, Animal Crossing brought us a new update which introduced Pavé, a peacock that appears on the day of the “festivale” (February 15, 2021). He is a special NPC (non-playable character) for festivale which is the Animal Crossing equivalent to the real event of Mardi-Gras. For festivale, you’re going to catch feathers with your net and give them to Pavé in exchange for themed items. 

Some fans are not satisfied with this update though, they want a more content-based update that includes things like more shops, past NPCs to come back (like Brewster), quality of life update, and more. Fans are quite annoyed with Animal Crossing developers and feel like they aren’t being heard, yet Animal Crossing has all of its updates planned on a two-year timeline so that fans don’t get bored and new things continuously get added to the game.

There’s also been a late February update that brought Mario Day-themed items that we can get on March 10th. This update also allowed the Sanrio villagers to be added to islands starting on March 18th. These villagers can only be added through Amiibo cards though, and each villager has a corresponding Sanrio character. The villagers in this pack include Étoile who you can get with the Kiki and Lala Amiibo card, Chai with Cinnamoroll card, Marty with PomPompurin card, Chelsea with My Melody’s card, Rilla with the Hello Kitty’s card, and Toby with Kerokerokeroppi card. With each new villager, new furniture and outfits corresponding to the Sanrio character will be available for purchase

 I don’t think fans should be upset with this update because previously, this past late November, we got a huge winter update which added Turkey Day Animal Crossing, which is the equivalent to Thanksgiving, Toy Day which is Animal Crossing’s equivalent to Christmas, nine new reactions, new Turkey Day and winter-themed DIYs, an update to home storage, New Year’s Eve costumes, and more. This January update is just a small update to Animal Crossing, bringing just one new NPC, some seasonal furniture, and a bug fix with Pascal, which now allows us to get the mermaid fence DIY. Animal Crossing developers are probably listening to users and will consider their requests in later updates. We just have to wait and not be so impatient. The developers have set schedules and will continuously work on making Animal Crossing: New Horizons a better game with each update. People are excited for the Sanrio characters to be added, because up until now when you wanted to add a Sanrio character to your island, all you would get is a poster. I’m also extremely excited and happy about this update because all the new furniture and outfits are so cute. Users just need to continue to be patient and excited for new updates that are sure to come in the future.  

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