Sports Recruitment : The Ins and Outs of The Process

Each year about 7.5% of high school athletes end up playing their sport in college, and the odds of playing for a D1 school is even less at 1.8% for both males and females (NCAA). To be able to play a sport in college, you’re going to need to be recruited whether it’s by a scout who saw you and you joined that team, or … Continue reading Sports Recruitment : The Ins and Outs of The Process

Animal Crossing Throughout the Years

Animal Crossing is a social simulation game created by Katsuya Eguchi and Hisashi Nogami in 2001 for the Nintendo 64 and since then there have been 8 different games and 1 Japanese exclusive game all on different consoles. Each one of the 8 games are unique in their own way from an online board game to a mobile game to the classic life simulation game. … Continue reading Animal Crossing Throughout the Years

Outlandish Prices of Squishmallows

This past year, a new stuffed animal craze, like the Beanie Baby mania of the ’90s, has sparked up with Squishmallows. Squishmallows are plush animals with names and descriptions of what they like to do. Squishmallows come in 10 sizes, from the tiny 3.5” keychain to the massive 24” stuffed animal. They also have over 500 different types of Squshmallows to collect. You can regularly … Continue reading Outlandish Prices of Squishmallows

Minecraft’s New Caves and Cliffs Update

This upcoming summer Minecraft is planning on releasing its biggest and most awaited update since the 2020 Neither update, which added features to the Neither and brought new biomes and new blocks into the game. The new update 1.17 or more widely known as the “Caves and Cliffs” update will bring in new biomes, new items, and new mobs, including a new hostile mob. Some … Continue reading Minecraft’s New Caves and Cliffs Update