Outlandish Prices of Squishmallows

This past year, a new stuffed animal craze, like the Beanie Baby mania of the ’90s, has sparked up with Squishmallows. Squishmallows are plush animals with names and descriptions of what they like to do. Squishmallows come in 10 sizes, from the tiny 3.5” keychain to the massive 24” stuffed animal. They also have over 500 different types of Squshmallows to collect. You can regularly find Squishmallows at stores like Walgreens, Party City, Costco, Justice, Walmart, Target, Aldi, HarrisTeeter, Five Below, and on the Squishmallows website. You can also find Squishmallows online through resellers apps like Micari, Amazon, Depop, and Ebay.

Reseller apps like this make people like me hate collecting Squishmallows because they regularly sell for five dollars, but will sell for $100-$200 on these resale sites. This makes it borderline impossible to get that one Squishmallow that you desire. There are also scalpers, which in my opinion, are the worst. They go to stores and buy all of the Squishmaollws then resell them for double the prices, ruining the fun for everyone who enjoys collecting Squishmallows. Many people like me have stopped looking for their favorite Squishmallows altogether.

We as a community of people who love collecting Squishmallows should stop buying from resellers and stick with the verified stores. Squishmallow resellers are just trying to get a quick buck off of the rise in popularity of Squishmallows, and we are feeding into them overpricing Squishmallows while complaining about it. By boycotting the resellers, we can hopefully be able to get Squshmallows easier instead of calling businesses every day to ask them if they have a particular one, which annoys the employees of the stores. 

Squishmallows are just a momentary collectors item, their popularity will die out eventually and we’re going to look back on the hundreds of dollars we wasted and regret it – just like what happened with Beanie Babies. Avid collectors need to wait for the craze to die out then we won’t have to worry about resellers and scalpers. 

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