Overview of 2021 OMHS Spirit Days

In the upcoming months, OMHS will be having spirit days on Tuesdays and Fridays. These spirit days will begin in March and end in June. Whether online or in-person this year, it will be a good time for students to dress up with classmates to have some end-of-the-year fun. For students that may be wondering what exactly these days consist of, here is a list including all of these days:

  • Tuesday, 3/30: Fandom Day
    • Dress up as a character from your favorite movie, book, or tv show!
  • Friday, 4/9: Ugly Sweater Day
    • It’s the most wonderful time of the year… the end of the school year! Dress up in your ugliest sweater to celebrate!
  • Tuesday, 4/13; Friday, 4/16: Class Color Day 
    • Represent your class colors in the most competitive spirit day!
      • 9th Grade – Grey
      • 10th Grade – Orange
      • 11th Grade – Black
      • 12th Grade – White
  • Friday, 4/23: PJ Day
    • Wake up late for school? No big deal! Just throw on some pajama pants and you’ll be good to go on PJ day!
  • Tuesday, 4/27: Twin Day
    • Get your partner-in-crime and dress up together in the same outfit!
  • Friday, 5/7: Decades Day
    • From Victorian England to 80’s disco fashion, pick your favorite era and show off that retro style!
  • Tuesday, 5/11: Wacky Tacky Day
    • On this day of backwards shirts and mismatched shoes, wear your wackiest get-up! 
  • Friday, 5/21: OM Gear Day
    • On a sports team or have OM merchandise? Show off that Oakland Mills gear on OM Gear day!
  • Tuesday, 5/25: Sports Day
    • Support your favorite team by wearing a jersey on sports day!
  • Friday, 6/4: Tropical Day
    • Celebrate the start of hot summer days and long summer nights by wearing your most tropical outfit!

For those curious why these spirit days are scheduled the way they are, Ms. Florida, the school’s Media Specialist, says it is due to the hybrid schedule. “We have A and B cohort students coming into the building on certain days. A cohort students are here Monday and Tuesday, B cohorts students are here Thursday and Friday. This way, both A and B cohort students who are hybrid will have opportunity to have in-person spirit days on days that they are in the building.”

While these end of the year spirit days may come to some of you as a surprise, it isn’t entirely out of nowhere. This will be around the same time that in-person HCPSS students will return to the building. Ms. Florida talks about the reason for these end of the year spirit days. “There are 10 weeks of Spirit Days and about 10.5 weeks of school left. We thought this would be a fun way to countdown to summer and enjoy the last of this year together.” 

These spirit days are a fun way to spend the last weeks of the students’ 2021 school year. It was a rather rough year being online for many students, but this provides a warm welcome back into the building. Ms. Florida believes it will be a great way to reconnect with teachers and other students. “I hope that it’ll help students and teachers have some fun together and get to know each other a little better. It’s been a unique year and we want to be able to enjoy some favorite, traditional fun together the best way we can.” Showing school spirit and being involved is the best way for students to reconnect to the OM community. 

Although students never had a Homecoming week this year, this will be a great replacement for that. Celebrate school spirit and go all out with fellow classmates!

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