How Does A Walrus End Up in Ireland?

Daylight Savings Time generally messes with people’s schedules, and the animal kingdom is no exception. A family in Wales, United Kingdom were going on a Sunday stroll when they had to take a double take at the sight of a walrus. Scientists predict that the walrus had fallen asleep on an iceberg from the Arctic that parted from its mainland shore around Friday night, and ended up in Wales on Sunday. This incident is most likely due to changes in the ice from global warming. The distance he travelled would be like falling asleep on the train from Washington D.C. and ending up in Los Angeles. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) officer, Ellie West, checked the animal and noted how rare the sighting was. This is so rare that it would be like seeing a moose in Columbia.

Ellie West went on to further note that the walrus was underweight and had smaller tusks, showing that it was younger than an average walrus. The walrus was said to be the size of a cow. There was a tale deep in Irish folklore that a walrus is usually an omen of good or bad origin for Ireland, but due to the Christianization of Ireland, it was lost to time. This is an incredibly rare sighting, the last time a walrus was seen in Ireland was in 1873 and 1891, which makes this recent appearance the first sighting in over a century. Like a pint of Guinness, the walrus wasnโ€™t seen for very long before he disappeared.ย 

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