Minecraft’s New Caves and Cliffs Update

This upcoming summer Minecraft is planning on releasing its biggest and most awaited update since the 2020 Neither update, which added features to the Neither and brought new biomes and new blocks into the game. The new update 1.17 or more widely known as the “Caves and Cliffs” update will bring in new biomes, new items, and new mobs, including a new hostile mob. Some other new features being added to the game that aren’t being as widely talked about are things like new textures, game rules, weather damage, and more. This update was announced during Minecraft live 2020 in October. Right now, Java players can test the new features and some of the gameplay through the latest snapshot. 

Many players old and new have been long awaiting this update; the announcement has brought many older players of Minecraft who may have lost interest in the game back to explore the new update. Jessica Soustek, a Minecraft player since 2011, says “Minecraft has become boring and repetitive to me, but this new update has given me something new and enjoyable to look forward to while playing. “ Even newer Minecraft players are excited about this update. Cami Shomette, who has only been playing Minecraft since March 2020, says “I think it’s pretty cool, to be honest, really good places for homes.” This update is bringing all different types of Minecraft players together to enjoy the game in a new way.

This update is bringing four new mobs into the game: the glow squid, the axolotl, the goat, and the warden. The glow squid and the axolotl are two new passive, aquatic mobs. The glow squid is a squid that glows and when killed, it drops a glow ink sack which you can then use to make your text on signs glow in the dark as well as make glow item frames. The axolotl spawns in the new lush cave biome and you can pick it up with a bucket. Axolotls can also attack mobs like drowns (the water version of a zombie), squids, fish, guardians, and elder guardians (the water temple boss). The goat is a neutral mob where if provoked, it will attack and deal seven hearts of damage, but you can easily move out of the way to prevent being attacked. Goats can be milked and will attack any mob around them; when they ram a block, they will drop a goat horn and when killed, they drop mutton as sheep do. The last mob, the warden, is a hostile mob who is found in the deep, dark caves and are huge since they are 50% larger than the iron golem. Wardens also are blind and can only find players based on their vibrations, like walking. Wardens are not truly meant to be killed and don’t have a drop yet, but if they do have a drop, it’s suspected to be a trophy drop like the egg that you get for killing the ender dragon. Players are excited about this new mob, like long-time player Dom Gutierrez says “the new boss gives me more to be scared of.” 

The new biomes being added to the game include the deep, dark, dripstone caves, lush caves, and Mountain sub-biomes. The deep, dark biome is a cave that is located below y 0 and will have the guardian roaming around them and a new decoration block called tuff. Deepslate will also spawn there; Deepslate is a tougher version of the regular stone. The dripstone caves will have stalagmite and stalactites which are pointed dripstone blocks. They will also have dripstone in them which is a new type of block. The lush cave biome will feature a cave full of greenery and will host axolotls in clay pools that will generate. The ceilings and floors of the lush cave will be covered in a new block called moss and will have new cave vines growing from the ceiling. These vines give you a chance to get new glow berries which are edible berries that glow. Long-time Minecraft player Nicolas Humphery says “I am looking forward to the new blocks and mobs. The different types of caves are going to be very fun to explore and get used to.”  The mountain sub-biomes include five different types of mountain biomes: lofty peaks, snow-capped peaks, snowy slopes (which will have goats on them), mountain grove, and mountain meadow. Not much is known about the mountain sub-biomes but each seems unique and will offer new gameplay.

Minecraft’s caves and cliffs update will bring us many new and interesting items into the game that will surely make the game more interesting and riveting. This new update has brought a level of excitement that hasn’t been seen in a while, so surely the hype will be well worth it. Make sure to keep a lookout for the release date and have fun playing the brand new update!

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