Señora Bove’s Impact on The Community

Meet Sara Bove, one of the Spanish teachers here at Oakland Mills High School. She has been working here for 11 years, and was also a student here from 2001-2005. “I love the students, I love the diversity, and the staff is awesome, but my best friends are my colleagues. It’s home to me and I grew up here so I just feel very comfortable.”

Ms. Bove loves learning and teaching about cultures around the world. You won’t have to go to a different country to learn a new language because you have the resources and help right here in your community. She teaches her students about Spanish and the language techniques that she learned in college. Ms. Bove teaches her students about her own experiences and knowledge in regard to life in the real world. She also takes her job very seriously because she feels like it is important that we know how to communicate with our peers since our community is so diverse. The thing that motivates her the most is that she enjoys teaching and human interaction with her students.

This school year has been like no other. Ms. Bove says that she has learned more about different technology tools and has had more flexibility in her schedule. Since teaching is a big part of her life, it’s been challenging this year for her to get to know and help her students compared to when we were in the building. Ms. Bove described this past year as “different and adjustable” because it was something that we have never experienced before, but it was also something that we got used to when it became a part of our daily routine. She motivates her students to do well in school by holding them accountable, making interesting lessons through her fun and goofy personality, and letting them know that she wants the best for them. She also wants to make the best out of this situation by giving her students the best learning experience possible. She feels like students have learned and even benefited from this school year.

During this pandemic, her family as well as herself, have been very safe. Ms. Bove trusts the vaccine and believes that it will help the cases. She also feels comfortable knowing that her family is well and protected by it. She believes it’s safe to go back into the building and is excited to see her colleagues and students. Ms. Bove also wants everyone to stay safe and hopes that the system will support everyone being on their computers while connected to the internet all at once.

This past year has shown Ms. Bove that she values, appreciates, and misses the things that she is unable to do right now. It has also shown her how important her relationships with her family and friends are. She has held her head high and stayed positive throughout this rough process, and she cares about her students as well as the people around her a lot. She has made a change in the community by pushing her students to do their best and by supporting them. Ms. Bove is also an amazing role model and teacher, so if you happen to be in the building, you should stop by and say hi!

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