Fan Throws Water Bottle at Kyrie Irving

On Sunday, May 30, the Brooklyn Nets had a game in Boston where an incident occurred when a fan, Cole Buckley, threw a water bottle at Point Guard star Kyrie Irving. Buckley was arrested and charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. He was released after pleading not guilty to the charges and posting a $500 bond, but is now banned from any … Continue reading Fan Throws Water Bottle at Kyrie Irving

The Woman in the Window: Movie Review

*If you suffer from severe anxiety, I would recommend watching this with an adult.  In the new Netflix movie “The Woman in the Window,” Dr. Anna Fox (played by Amy Adams) has severe anxiety and agoraphobia (fear of leaving the house). She spends her time watching the neighborhood from her windows. A new family across the street moves in and seems very friendly. A few … Continue reading The Woman in the Window: Movie Review

The Connection Between Colors and Auras

Colors and emotions are connected in many ways such as what impact and/or affect they can have on a person’s mood and feelings. The way color can affect emotions is typically based on the shade, brightness, and tone. Cool colors such as purple, green, or blue tend to be soothing and calming yet can also express sadness. Happy, warm colors may include yellow, pink, or … Continue reading The Connection Between Colors and Auras

Cariol Horne’s Pension Update

In 2008, an African American police officer in Buffalo, New York named Cariol Horne, was fired because she was attempting to stop her white colleague, Greg Kwiatkowski, who was performing a chokehold on black suspect, Neal Mack, who was already handcuffed. Horne is now receiving a pension from the police department after she won a lawsuit this past Tuesday. According to CNN, Horne stated that … Continue reading Cariol Horne’s Pension Update