Reducing Phone Use

Over the past couple of years, technology has become very important and reliable in our everyday lives. Phone use is something that most people need on a daily basis or else they will feel very disconnected from the world, which is called a cell phone addiction. According to the Pew Research Center, 84% of people that use their phones say that they couldn’t go a day without using them. 67% of people check their phones for messages or alerts even without a notification. Most people even sleep with their phones beside them so that they won’t miss anything. Most of the time, the phone isn’t the problem, it’s the apps that are on the phone. Of course, people keep their devices next to them so that they won’t miss texts or calls, but they are most likely also using their phone for Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, Hulu, etc. They get addicted to these apps and don’t realize that they are consistently on these apps hours a day.

Another thing with technology that a lot of people don’t notice is that most of the apps on their phones negatively impact their moods. Social media tends to set standards and expectations on how society should look and act which can sometimes make someone look at themselves and want to change certain things. According to a study published by the NIH (National Institute of Health), 90% of Americans have developed social isolation from these apps that are used on a daily basis. 

Too much technology can affect the brain such as impaired emotional and social intelligence, disrupted sleep, social isolation, and impaired brain development. It can also cause other problems like ADHD and eye strain. People who aren’t on their devices as much are more likely to have time for face-to-face interactions and can easily recognize emotions through facial expressions. 

Here are some tips/ ways that can help reduce phone use:

  • turn off unimportant notifications
  • delete apps that negatively affect your mood
  • Charge your phone somewhere that is not by your bed
  • Make a productive schedule for yourself so that you aren’t on your phone all-day

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