Is the US Facing a Chicken Shortage?

Our favorite restaurants across the United States are struggling with keeping up with the amount of chicken they need due to nationwide chicken shortages. Why is that? Well, if we rewind back to 2019, Popeyes created their famous chicken sandwich that the world obsessed over. This led to other restaurants like KFC hopping on the trend train creating a “chicken sandwich war,” that restaurants are still fighting over to this day.

According to The Wall Street Journal, boneless, skinless chicken breast is currently exchanging at $2.04 per pound, which is almost two time last year’s average price of $1.32. Chicken wing prices have also gone up to $2.92 per pound. 

According to, “Demand for chicken has increased during the pandemic, most likely due to people seeking out comfort food.” When the Covid-19 outbreak first started around March 2020, the meat industry was affected a lot since many facilities had to close down due to the spread of Covid-19. Back in February 2021, when Texas experienced that terrible and unexpected winter storm, many chickens were lost, euthanized, or died due to severe temperatures, which delayed many deliveries. With demand and prices on the rise, perhaps Americans should consider expanding our comfort food diet. 

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