Astrology for Beginners

What’s your sign? I’m a Leo sun, Aquarius moon, and Libra rising. Whether you put stock in it or not, zodiac signs are something commonly talked about in pop culture. Most people only know their sun sign (the sign of the month they were born in). But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that there is more than just your sun sign, other celestial bodies have meaning too. While your sun, moon, and rising are your big three, I decided to give you a little more. Here you have your big six and what they mean.

Your signs are determined by the time, place, and date you were born. High school junior Darrick Adams said “your outward personality, which is your ego, is represented by your sun sign. Your sun sign is the public face you put forward in a sense. Your relationships and emotions, your inner self, and how you view yourself, are controlled by your moon sign. Your rising sign is your social side, your style, and how you present yourself to others. Your Mercury rules your ways of communication and how you talk to people. Passions, beauty, and love are controlled by your Venus. Finances and material objects/possessions and how you value them are also shown by your Venus. Your Mars is mainly intense emotions mixed with your personality. Your ambitions, passions, and energy are guided by your Mars. Lastly, your ruling planet is dependant on your rising sign and it’s your chart leader. Your rising sign dictates how your planets interact with each other and the personality traits you stand to inherit.”

Just in case you don’t have an app like Costar, Time Passages, or any other form of determining your ruling planet, here is the rising signs and their ruling planets. Your signs are contingent on what time, place, and date you were born, so to find out your chart, I would recommend downloading one. The two I listed are free on the Apple and Google Play stores.

Rising SignRuling Planet
Aries Mars
Libra Venus
Sagittarius Jupiter

*Taken from Elite Daily (*

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