The Connection Between Colors and Auras

Colors and emotions are connected in many ways such as what impact and/or affect they can have on a person’s mood and feelings. The way color can affect emotions is typically based on the shade, brightness, and tone. Cool colors such as purple, green, or blue tend to be soothing and calming yet can also express sadness. Happy, warm colors may include yellow, pink, or orange. For example, on sunny and bright days, people like to go outside and have fun, but on days where it’s raining  or storming, people are most likely to be tired, drowsy, and may have a lack of energy. 

Ashley Bailer, an Oakland Mills High School English teacher believes “A lot of people will use their favorite color to mean something about their personality and that they will surround themselves with colors to impact their mood and depending on what you wear, how you decorate your space, depending on how you wear your hair and if you choose to wear make-up, then the type of color that you use is all an expression and an extension of who you are.” In other words, color can be expressed through lots of different things including your personality.

There are other things that have a lot in common with colors such as auras which is the energy that someone projects. They can be affected by people around you or even your own mood and emotional position. For example, blue would represent someone who is powerful minded, green would represent love, compassion, and forgiveness, and white would represent someone who is quick minded, nervous, or most likely a perfectionist. Overall, colors and aura have a lot more closely related than many may think.

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