Music in Our Lives

There are so many people on this planet and we all share one thing in common. From men to women and young to old, we all listen to music. Music is all around us and it can play a big role in our lives. So that’s why I went and asked some Howard County students how music impacts their daily lives:

Tori Andrews, a junior at OM, states that “music inspires me to draw and express what I can’t express. My favorite genre of music is R&B and Hip Hop.” Music can allow people to express their emotions through different forms of art. 

Derson Gilson, a senior at OM, explains that “music impacts my life in a way that, whatever emotion or mood that I’m in, there’s always a song that helps me express that emotion or mood. My favorite artists are Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, Young Thug, and Kodak Black.” Music can help us feel our different emotions and understand them. 

Leen Osman, a junior at OM, thinks that “music is an escape from reality for me. It allows me to help understand how I feel and I’m able to relate to the artist. My favorite artist is Kanye West because I believe he is misunderstood and he uses his music to express who he really is.” Music can allow you to relate to an artist and help you understand even more about yourself. 

Malia Ngo, an OM alumni, explains “I listen to music every day no matter what mood I’m in, it keeps me entertained. My favorite artist is Kyle Dion.” Music can be used as a distraction or to pass time. 

Jaylin Babb, a junior at Atholton High School, believes that “music has helped me express myself in ways my own words couldn’t. There is always a perfect song for me to listen to when I’m in a certain mood. My favorite artist is ASAP Rocky because he taught me to express myself whether it’s through wacky fashion or being extremely confident in my mindset or appearance. Music has always held me together and I have an unbreakable bond with it.” Music can help you become more confident and grow as a person. 

Aiden Turnbull, a senior at OM, explains that “music is what connects the souls with the mind. It can recall some of your earliest memories along with taste and smell. It bridges gaps between people and lets everyone enjoy themselves. Whether it ranges from classical music to country to hip hop, there’s something you can relate to.” Music can connect people together and help form relationships.

Sam Kwarteng, a senior at OM, states that “music is a safe place that I can go to when I’m in a bad mood. I have a big family so sometimes I need some time to be alone. I use the lyrics that I find relatable to help me come to a better mood. I listen to Juice WRLD, Frank Ocean, Future, and Polo G.” Music can be used as a place for you to relax and take a break. 

Dylan Nguyen, an OM alumni, says “I use music to destress and focus on my work. My favorite artist is Joey Bada**.” Music can allow students to focus on their work and reduce stress. 

David Land, an OM alumni, explains that “music allows me to experience the emotions of the artist like pride, pain, love and heartbreak. Their forays into another person’s mind, not only tells me about them, but allows me to explore myself and what my mind is made of. Music let’s me live out fantasies, come to terms with sadness, or just float away from the worries of life, even if just for a few minutes.” Music can allow you to explore your mind and the artist’s mind. 

Music plays a big role in most of our lives. All the unique songs can connect everyone around the world. Each person can listen to so many diverse songs to express their emotions. All the different artists are able to share their creativity with the world. There are so many different genres for people to pick from. Each person can interpret their own meanings in each song and this allows people to create a connection with those songs. Overall, everyone is impacted by music in their own way.

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