Picture Day is Here!

When it comes to picture day, everyone usually knows what to expect. Usually you are in class, you get called down to get your picture taken, you smile, then go back to your class. This year isn’t a very ordinary year, and many of the yearly picture day traditions must be adjusted.

Because of the Coronavirus, many students are not currently in the school building. This made it so that simple things such as getting your picture taken are now a lot harder than usual. Now you can’t just walk to the auditorium from your class, you have to come into the building on an asynchronous day and arrive at a certain time based on your last name. It makes it even more difficult now that masks are worn by mostly everybody, so social distancing is mandatory during picture day. This is even more challenging since we can’t have too many people in the building at once. Don’t worry though, you will be able to take your mask off for your picture.

Though it may have been harder to plan and coordinate, some students found this year’s picture day to be easier than usual. Junior Alonzo Brooks said that the experience “was much easier… I just got in a little short line, and got my picture taken and walked home.” Students will receive their new school ID during their appointment.

The first day of picture day took place over Wednesday the 21st, for people with last names that start with A-L. The second picture day is this upcoming Wednesday, April 28th for people with the last names that start with M-Z. Check out the link below to find the correct time for your name.


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