Michelle Obama To Be Inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame

On International Women’s Day, the National Women’s Hall of Fame (NWHF) announced that Michelle Obama, along with eight other women, will be inducted into the NWHF on October 2, 2021. The inductees include Octavia Butler, Rebecca Halstead, Joy Harjo, Indra Nooyi, Emily Howland, Katherine Johnson, and Michelle Obama. According to CNN.com and the NWHF website, Obama “has emerged as one of the most influential and iconic women of the 21st century.”  These women will be honored in this year’s biennial induction ceremony, followed by a gala celebration both taking place in Seneca Falls, New York.

Michelle Obama is a writer, lawyer, public speaker, and wife of the 44th President Barack Obama. She made history for being the first black first-lady from 2009-2017. 

In 2018, Obama released her memoir titled Becoming. Her book sold millions of copies all over the world.  The audio version gained so much publicity that she earned a 2020 Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word

For years, Michelle Obama has been focusing on programs to help build strong, educated young women. In 2015, Obama launched Let Girls Learn, a U.S. government-wide initiative that helps girls around the world stay in school by reaching out to countries to educate and empower young women. She shares their stories to inspire other young people to accomplish their education. Viewers can watch Obama and the other inductees during a live stream on October 2, 2021.

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