Coronavirus Relief Update

The Coronavirus first started to break out in November of 2019. The first reports came from Wuhan, China in Asia. We have been in quarantine since March 13 of last year which is when the outbreak officially started in America. Due to this quarantine, everything that is non-essential to our everyday lives has been cancelled or postponed.

Throughout this quarantine period, we have all experienced different hardships. Many people have been out of jobs, some have even lost their homes due to not being able to pay rent. Most students have been out of school at some point in the past year. All around, the situation has just not been ideal for anyone. In Maryland, there is a statewide mask mandate, which is also held in other many states, but not all of them. The death toll for our country is currently over 500,000 people with millions of people infected by this virus. 

There was the first round of stimulus checks in April of last year that came out to help people pay for the things they could not afford.  Another check came around in late December. This next check is currently being deposited into people’s accounts, and it’s going to hit about 90% of the population according to CNN. 1.9 trillion dollars are being spent by the U.S. government this time around. Partnering with the new stimulus check, there will be a 15% food stamp increase, CNN reports. To receive the most amount, you must make under $75,000 a year on a single income or $150,000 a year on a joint income. Parents could also receive $1,400 per child in their care. 

The vote to pass this new stimulus check was 220-211 and no republicans voted in favor of it (CNN). The 46th President, Joe Biden, signed off on the newest relief bill on March 11, 2021. This relief bill rushed to the desks of democrats because 11.4 million unemployed workers are going to lose their unemployment check from mid-March to mid-April. The hope is that this new stimulus check will aid families across the country in providing shelter, food, and transportation.

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