What is Wrong with The Buffalo Sabres?

On paper, the Buffalo Sabres have everything they need to be an amazing hockey team, but year after year they fall short. This year, the team hired a new coach in Ralph Krueger, they have a number one draft pick in Rasmus Dahlin, and they have many star players like Jack Eichel and Jeff Skinner.

The Sabres have had many coaches try to manage the team over the years; however, many coaches have walked out or been fired. Many fans believe that Krueger is the problem this year. The media says he is “under-qualified” for the position because he was a European soccer manager before he got the position with the Sabres. This lead to Krueger getting fired this past week, which left Don Granato to fill in as coach for the time being.

The management for the Sabres team has not run the team efficiently, they have not switched the line up, they have kept the same poor-performing goalie in, and they do not play with any spirit or desire to be there. The team is falling apart each game, and now the captain of the team, Jack Eichel, is injured with rumors of wanting to be traded. Who could blame him, he has been on the Sabres for years wasting his talent.

Melody Martin, a Youtuber, said, “there is no rock bottom for the Sabres, it just keeps getting worse and worse.” Her video was focusing on firing the head coach because it all starts at the top and there is no reason for a team to stay in this position when things are not working out. The Sabres have never been a Stanley Cup team but for them to be this mediocre, it is hard for fans to sit there and watch them implode. The answers are clearly there, the fans and the coaching staff watch it every game. The thing that baffles people the most is why has no one done anything about it? Now the team is allowed fans, but ticket sales are extremely low. All of this is never a good sign when running a franchise, and this team needs some major rebuilding starting at the top.

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