Covid Restrictions Lifted in Texas

Last week it was announced that on March 10th Covid-19 restrictions in Texas were going to be lifted. Scientists believe this is bound to be a deadly decision. Studies have shown that only 12 percent of Texans have gotten vaccinated so far, which many people fear will likely lead to a surge in cases.

It is suggested that masks be worn in places that are high public areas such as grocery stores, malls, hospitals, restaurants, and bars. The use of a mask at these places is merely suggested. This is a concern for many front line workers and essential workers, since they would be encountering people who aren’t wearing masks and the virus could be easily spread. Even the limitations on how many people are allowed in certain places has been lifted as well.

Texas is not the only state attempting to open back up. States like Texas, Maryland, Mississippi, Connecticut, Arizona, West Virginia, and Wyoming have all in some way tried to open up, whether it be lifting mask restrictions or opening up at full capacity at businesses and restaurants. Businesses are happy with this change since Covid has affected them the most, mostly in a negative way.

Attorney general Ken Paxton is actually trying to take this matter to court. He believes Texas state officials should listen to doctors and scientists about what to do. The local judge did not stop the state officials from lifting Covid restrictions. Ken Paxton is not giving up though and wants to return to court on March 26th.

The country will see how things play out with these new changes in Texas and in other states. These states may inform the country if Covid cases rise or if businesses end up doing better in order for other states to begin following suit or keeping their restrictions for a while longer.

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