The Return To School

On Friday, March 13 of last year, schools sent kids home for a supposed two-week break due to the first sightings of COVID-19 in America. That break ended up being about a full year long, and COVID-19 has impacted the way schools are teaching and the way they care for students ever since.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan granted students going back to in-person learning beginning on March 1. Schools were required to open their doors to students; however, attending in-person learning is not mandatory for the rest of this school year. Each student has the opportunity to continue online learning if that is the best course for them and their family.

In Howard County, students will be going back to in-person learning in rounds. The first round of kids went back on March 1st. 9th and 12th graders will begin on Monday, March 29th, and the last round of students, consisting of 10th and 11th graders, they will return in April.

Khamaree Willams, a student attending Long Reach High School, decided to continue virtual learning for the rest of the school year. He felt that he had more freedom at home and that he has adapted to virtual learning since he has been doing it for a whole year now. The only thing he really misses about in-person learning is the chance to interact with other students and being able to make trouble in the classroom.

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