The Job of the Athletic Trainer

With the ups and downs of winning and losing sports games and the injuries that can occur, there is one underlying person who brings it all together. Eboni Coffey is the Athletic Trainer at Oakland Mills High School, and she brings a lot to our community. She not only works for long hours after school, but she also works with the special needs program.

More commonly known as just “Coffey,” she is a person who brings a sense of security and safety within the school community. As a physical trainer, her usual day-to-day job entails wrapping kids up in preparation for games and practices. She sometimes struggles with all of the games and events going on throughout the year, but she manages her time well and makes it a goal to see every student succeed. Not only does she help them physically, but she is great at being there and listening to kids as well. During her time at Oakland Mills, she has accumulated quite the collage on her office walls. It is covered in senior pictures that had been given to her by students throughout the years. “I provide a safe environment for kids, and I try to make them feel safe and secure with me.” Even people who have never played sports, or only played one season, know Coffey. She provides a safe space for them as well and makes sure that no kid ever feels left out. By using her own life experiences, Coffey often gives great advice that is unique to each student.

Many aspects of Coffey’s job have been put on hold this past year due to the pandemic. “It’s been hard because of the canceling of sports and having to attend virtual training meetings,” she said. It’s not only a loss not being in school due to the pandemic, but the students may have a bigger loss by not having someone to confide in. Throughout her years, she continues to make strong bonds with students and some even come back to visit her after they graduate. Although her job can be hectic and stressful she says, “It can be really hard, but when the kids make me laugh and to see their smiles, it makes me happy.” She really does care about the kids throughout the Oakland Mills community and tries her best to create a safe and secure environment for the students. 

Although many students know Coffey and her impact on the community, a lot of students don’t know her. She is a really vital part of our community because she gives kids a safe space to talk freely about any issues. She also helps them physically by making sure that they make a speedy and efficient recovery so that they can rejoin their athletic teams. More students should get to know her and build a relationship with her because she is the most caring person you could meet and she will help you as much as she can. We wish her the best as she continues to work at Oakland Mills, especially now that sports are back underway!

2 thoughts on “The Job of the Athletic Trainer

  1. What a wonderfully inspirational story about a very caring athletic trainer. Who happens to be a favorite of my athletic granddaughter.
    Brenda Baker


  2. Coffey is a great person who has always cared about others . Big congratulations to her. You school is better because of her and her hard work. Keep up the good job.


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