New Species of Animals Discovered

From a shark that glows to a crustacean that was named after a fruit, 2021 has already had many great animal discoveries this year. Scientists have made new discoveries through paleontology, as well as deep-diving research. From high to low, from fast to slow, these are the newest discoveries of the 2021 animal kingdom. 

First off, we have one of the most recent discoveries of a glow-in-the-dark shark. The species was recently documented by Jérôme Mallefet from the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium. This man is a scientist who has structured his career studying bioluminescent marine life. This bioluminescent shark is now named the Kitefin. They also discovered the reason for its bioluminescence which is due to melatonin being produced (the same chemical that makes organisms sleepy.)

Another new animal discovered this year was the yellow lobster, which goes by the name of Banana. Banana was discovered off of the coast of Maine. The yellow color comes from a pigment in the lobster’s shell. This color of lobster is very rare though, and the odds of catching one are around one in 30 million.

It just wouldn’t be a full animal discovery story if we didn’t talk about Australia. In Australia, a very rare Australian bee has been rediscovered after a century of being classified as extinct. “The Masked Bee,” also known as Pharo Hylaeus Lactiferous, was recently rediscovered by James Dorey, a doctoral candidate at Flinders University while completing fieldwork in the state of Queensland.

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