House of Leaves: Book Review

“We all create stories to protect ourselves.” – Mark Z. Danielewski. The book, House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski, is a great book to read for fans of the horror genre. The story is told from multiple points of view. Two important characters are Johnny Truant, a young man who finds the House of Leaves transcript written by Zampano, and Will Navidson, a man who filmed the House of Leaves documentary. One day, when Johnny was working in the tattoo shop, he gets a call from his best friend, Lude, who calls him about a recent death. The man who lives in his apartment named Zampano had passed away. Late at night, the pair sneaks into Zampano’s room where they find a transcript. This discovery is life-changing for both Johnny and Lude. Will Navidson is married to Karen Green, and they have two children named Chad and Daisy. The family decided one day to move to a new house, hoping this change will bring the family closer. However, they discover that there is something off about the house. It keeps changing. Out of nowhere, a random door appeared in the house. When they opened it, it seemed like a small closet. Each day, the closet keeps growing and the family becomes more and more terrified. As a photojournalist, Navidson feels the need to document this strange house.

Even though it was confusing to read at certain points, it was still very interesting. Reading a couple of pages a day is an excellent way to pass time since it is quite a long novel. Not only does the book have readers wanting to read more, but it also has an eye-catching layout. The way Danielewski was able to creatively place words across the pages was unique. As a reader, the effort and time Danielewski spent on this work are evidently clear on every page. The way each character was described made it easier for the reader to understand and put themselves in their point of view. From being able to put themselves in the story, the reader can love, hate, or even relate to the characters.

If this summary has interested anyone, then they should consider getting their hands on this book to read more. This book will not disappoint but satisfy the reader. Danielewski was able to create a whole new style of writing to allow the reader to have a special experience throughout the book. After all, this book can be very strange at times but it is something that has never been done before. So…don’t be afraid to enter the House of Leaves.

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