Spring Break Ideas

With things opening back up just in time for spring break, kids can actually enjoy their time this year. We haven’t had a real spring break in two years due to the pandemic. College and high school students going on spring break can go to Six Flags, the movies, vacation, or some other events happening during their time away from school.  

Lots of places are re-opening for spring break. Six Flags America will be open every day from March 31st through April 5th for their spring break event. After this time, they will continue a schedule of opening a few days a week. Six Flags isn’t the only amusement park that is opening soon; Hershey Park in PA will open its 2021 season on April 2nd. Also, movie theaters across the states will be opening on April 2nd for people who want to tune into the Godzilla vs. Kong movie. Finally, airlines are still open, so going to a different state for spring break is an option. For example, Florida has recently been holding a lot of parties and events for the students that are currently on spring break.

For this year’s spring break, students will have more options on what they would like to do with their time. This will make it more enjoyable than last year when Covid was still fresh and there was not a lot that people could do about it. But as more people get vaccinated, the Covid restrictions have lighten up and places are slowly starting to open. We can go back to not only enjoying our spring break, but also summer, which is on the horizon.

Go out and enjoy your spring break and your time away from school, also make sure to take advantage of these places that are re-opening, safely.

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