Gevontra Davis Hit and Run

On November 5th 2020, Gevontra Davis ran a red light in Baltimore after celebrating his birthday, which resulted in him slamming into a Toyota and leaving four people injured. Davis originally fled the scene using a getaway car which police caught on camera. He is now facing fourteen charges which could result in up to seven years in prison. 

It is said that Davis was aware of the harm he caused to the others, but he still fled anyway, resulting in hit and run charges. Fortunately, the four people he injured are okay and will recover. Davis has had prior run ins with the law, so his license had been suspended prior to this incident. 

Davis is now facing serious charges including: failure to remain at the scene of an accident involving bodily injury, driving with a suspended license, and damage to property since after he crashed into the Toyota he hit a store’s front gate. The store ended up catching this all on film and the police are now using this store’s video to gather evidence on Davis.

If convicted, this incident could put a pause on his boxing career. Davis aka “tank” is undefeated in the ring and a huge face in the boxing world. 

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