How to Make Money in High School

Many students in high school want to be independent and want to make their own money. With work law and the current pandemic, it can be hard for people to find a job. But lately, there are new ways through the internet to make money. With the invention of the internet people can make money easily off of something as easy as posting a simple photo.

The most traditional way to make money as a teenager is to get a job. However, this is easier said than done especially during the pandemic. When looking for a job, the first and most important thing to do is to update and perfect your resume. Your resume is how your potential employer is going to see you. It’s important that you list the correct information and include everything you can about yourself. Through the interview process, you want to leave an impression on your potential employer, as it’s important to remember that they probably have many potential employees that they haven’t gotten to see yet. Leaving a good impression and having a good conversation could be the deciding factor of getting hired or not. Most students get hired at fast food restaurants or even as a retail associate, but there are many options other than just getting a job. 

Many kids may not know about how to make money online. Some may travel down the wrong path and get scammed while others might just be too scared to try. There are efficient ways to make money by doing simple things online. One thing to note is that they won’t pay you like a normal job, and they can sometimes be scams online, so you have to be careful and do your research. One website that is good to start with is called The first thing you do on the website is make an account. After that, you immediately start earning points. These points are redeemable in real money. For example, 115 points is $1.15. The surveys you do vary in points and concepts. If you do this for a little bit every day when you’re bored, you can make some decent money. Although this could make you some money, this is not a permanent solution and you may want to look for another job in addition. 

There is also a way to make money on an app almost everyone is on: Snapchat. Since its new launch of Snapchat Spotlight in February 2021, users and their content have been receiving a lot of popularity. When you go into the app, there is a feature for you to “watch creator’s work.” It’s the play button on the bottom right of your screen. There you’ll witness all sorts of videos ranging from food videos to sports, and even some small skits. Here’s how it works. You create a creator account with Snapchat and start uploading content. Once you set up an account and your videos have been approved by Snapchat, you could be making $250 dollars within 60 days if your video is featured by the app. If you do this, you could save up plenty of money. One Maryland teenager made $200,000+ just making Snapchat videos. It’s easy, and as long as you put effort into your videos, you could make good money off of this. 

Making money may be tough during this time with the pandemic and the overall lack of normalcy. Although we have lost some opportunities, we have also gained some. You don’t have to work in fast food, you can make money expressing yourself on Snapchat. You can use the time while you’re watching T.V. to do some surveys and make a couple of dollars. Wherever you decide to get a job, whether that be as a babysitter or dog walker, make sure that you set yourself up for success.

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