Death of DMX at 50

On April 3rd, the rapper Earl Simmons, better known as DMX, was rushed to White Plains Hospital in New York. He went in for a heart attack that followed an initial drug overdose. By the weekend, his current manager came out and said that Simmons was in a vegetative state. He also talked about there being very little brain activity, but it was a waiting game from that point.

Ever since he had been in the hospital, many others who worked in the music business reached out and shared that they were praying for the rapper. The following Monday after he was admitted, his fans came to the White Plains Hospital and prayed for him alongside his family. When Wednesday rolled around, Simmons’ manager came out and said that they were still waiting for test results. Just two days later, on April 9th, Earl Simmons passed away in White Plains Hospital at 50 years old. DMX leaves behind 15 children.

Simmons is best known for songs such as, “Ruff Ryder’s Anthem” and “X Gon Give it to Ya.” Many celebrities and artists that Simmons worked with in the past took to Twitter to share their condolences about his passing.

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