Kyrie Irving Ejection

On Saturday, April 10 the Brooklyn Nets played the Los Angeles Lakers in New York. In the third quarter of the game, Kyrie Irving and Dennis Schroder got into a verbal altercation which lead to both players being thrown out of the game.

Kyrie Irving would take to Twitter later letting it be known that Schroder called him a racial slur which then led to the verbal altercation. Irving expressed his beliefs about the slur that Schroder used saying it was a “derogatory racial slur … never forget it’s foul and true history … we are not slaves or N’s.”

After the players were thrown out of the game, the Lakers would go on to clutch the victory 126-101. Schroder, a black player originally from Germany, stated he meant no offense by using the word. He wasn’t sure what got him ejected at the time, but says he is now aware and apologizes. Nothing physical occurred between the two players.

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