Lash Extensions

Amaya Samuel is a lash technician in the DMV area. Samuel started out her small business in May of last year which was during the peak of the pandemic. Even though she was hesitant to start her business in such a shaky time, it is now a thriving company. Her lash extension business, Oh My Minks, helps accentuate women’s natural lashes to add length and/or volume. Lash extensions are individual lashes that are applied to a single, natural lash. Unlike strip lashes, this process is much more tedious and requires a certified professional.

There are many different styles that can be achieved with lash extensions. A classic set is the most natural of them all. A volume set is the thickest and has the most dramatic effect. A hybrid set is a mix between classic and volume. All sets can vary in length depending on the effect the customer wants to achieve. Lashes start at $80 and can range up to $110 based on the desired set of lashes.

Typically, lashes can take about two hours to apply a full set. Lashes last about two to three weeks before needing a fill. A fill is a process that replenishes your lashes back to a full set. The better you take care of your lashes, the longer they will last. In order to take care of your lashes, you should wash them with a lash shampoo and brush them regularly. The lash shampoo is available for purchase after receiving service. Overall, lash extensions can help anyone feel more confident, as well as save precious time putting on make-up.

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