What to Buy for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a holiday to honor Mothers and Mother figures all around the world. On this day, many often give gifts to show their appreciation and love. This year, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 9th, which is fast approaching. If you are not prepared for Mother’s Day, this article will help you out on what to buy.

Gifts don’t have to be an expensive thing, they just need to come from the heart. Sticking with what that person is interested in is a great way to go; you should consider what their hobbies and interests are. For example, if your mom likes coffee and your cat, you could buy her a mug with cats on it.

Jimena Tepetitla, a sophomore at Oakland Mills High School, agreed as well. “I recommend others to buy things that their moms are interested in.” She also added on with ideas on what to buy, “…perfume, lotion, candles, chocolates, flowers, or…a homemade card.”  This Mother’s Day, Tepetitla plans on buying her mom “chocolates, a perfume she has been wanting for a while, and a card.” 

14-year-old Trinity had some tips on what to buy as well. “Something meaningful, or if you know your mom has needed or wanted something…you could try to get something similar.” In the past, Trinity had bought mugs for her mom at her old school’s gift shops, due to the fact her mom likes tea. There are no limits on what your mom may find special.

If you are short on money, making cards and spending time with you mom is meaningful as well. In your homemade card, you can express your love and thankfulness for them. You can be creative with the card, it shows how much you love them, especially when you take your time with it. Buying jewelry is a great choice if you are still unsure of what to buy. Anything can be a gift if you put love in it.

Make sure to appreciate all mothers for what they do, not just on Mother’s Day but every day too.

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