The Next Phase Of Marvel

Throughout most of many peoples lives, there has been one thing that has stayed constant that unites us as a people: the arts, often more specifically, movies. Marvel movies have emerged in recent years as fan favorites. Many people want that feeling of Endgame where the climatic action scene comes back, and that was one of the most cinematic events to ever be shown. The reason behind why that moment was so powerful was because of the time that it took to create. The reason that this had such a deep feeling in everybody was because of the individual set ups for each of the characters and trials and tribulations that had led them to that point. Needless to say, Marvel has a big impact on many lives and unites us as a people, so it’s no surprise that everybody is excited about the next phase and new releases.

*Spoiler Alerts Coming!


The Brother of Thor is finally getting his time to shine with his own series on Disney Plus. The show is picking up exactly after Loki took the Tesseract or the space stone at the end of Endgame. The show is set to follow Loki’s encounters not only with the time police, but also the hijinks that he has to go through in order to fix his mistakes. This show generally has many people excited because this is such a pick up after WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Loki is set to air on June 9, 2021. 

Black Widow 

Black Widow was set to release in May 2021; however, with our universal blip (also known as an international pandemic), everything got pushed back. However, this blip did give us many of the Marvel shows on Disney Plus that we’ve come to love. There are many different opinions on Black Widow’s character, and her role in the Avengers. Many people are excited to see Black Widow’s character and where she goes from here. Others aren’t as excited saying that she didn’t really pose much of a fight or help in the Avengers. This is untrue however, because there are many instances where she not only saves the Avengers lives, but closes the portal in the first Avengers movie. Many people were excited for this movie showing Natasha’s past and possibly her present in this movie. This movie is set to release July 9th 2021.


Many people are excited for Shang Chi coming out in late 2021. This takes place with an old Shang Chi being hunted down by his father who runs a kung fu crime syndicate. After having 10 years to live a normal life, Shang Chi must return to fulfill his destiny. His father, who is also the Mandarin, is tracking his son down for a showdown. Many people want to see the action of the story and the 10 rings which seem to be armbands at this time. Shang Chi and the legend of the 10 rings is set to come out September 3, 2021.

The Eternals 

Marvel is putting the pedal to the metal and not stopping on its releases for 2021 with the Eternal’s having their debut in the MCU. Many of the Eternals get a bad rap due to Thanos’s exhibition of the universe. The Eternals were created by the celestial‘s, the giants that were shown in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, to harness cosmic energy. The story is going to follow a ragtag group of Eternals with various powers. The Eternals movie is set to come out November 5, 2021.

Spiderman No Way Home

Throughout the release of Captain America Civil War and general duration of the MCU, people have always had mixed feelings about Spiderman. However, now they have a general positive opinion because of the fact that Marvel has finally reclaimed him. Generally, everybody loves Tom Holland’s Spiderman, and fans were very ecstatic to see Spiderman No Way Home add another chapter to Tom Holland’s character. This movie is set to pick up after Spider-Man’s Secret Identity is discovered and how he is trying to cope with it. The movie is picking up either directly after Spiderman two ended or maybe a couple months in the future; however, fans are excited regardless. Many people think that other Spider-Man portrayals from other universes, such as Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield, will also be appearing in this movie, which has fans even more excited for this version to come out. Spiderman No Way Home is set to come out December 17, 2021.

“What If” Series

Marvels “What If” series’ starts the upcoming stories without confirmed release dates. This show has many people including myself excited because the show tackles the “what if‘s” in the MCU. The show can tackle topics such as what if T’Challa was Star Lord, or what if Peggy Carter was Captain America, but British… Many people are excited to see these experiences play out. Marvel’s “What if” series is set to come out sometime this year.

Many other installments are set to come out sometime in 2021 such as Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel, while other movies like Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness, as well as, Thor: Love and Thunder” are said to come out within the coming years. With all these movies lined up, fans are excited, which for many people, is an understatement. It can be said that many people are hoping for spectacular movies and generally expecting that from what Marvel brings to the table. This begs the question for many people: what is DC doing to compete with Marvel?

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