Colombia Protest

On April 28, 202 protests began in Colombia against increased taxes and health care reform proposed by the government of President Iván Duque Márquez. Lower and middle-class citizens have been struggling to pay rent since the lockdown of the pandemic, which has affected them financially. The people want the government to listen to them and to lower the taxes. People are getting restless because of what is happening in their home country and feeling like they are not able to change anything. People are being pushed to hunger because of restrictions while the government takes more money from them. People can’t pay their bills and now the government wants more. 

The protest has been going on for the past few weeks and the protestors have expressed anger over “the pandemic-related tax reforms and concerning inequality and disparity of the people, but have since grown in intensity and spread,” reported NBC news. During the protest at least 19 people were killed and hundreds more injured across Colombia. The president, Iván Duque Márquez, blamed the drug trafficking drug lords for the acts of vandalism and offered a reward of up to 10 million to help identify and capture the perpetrators. The situation is difficult right now in Colombia because the citizens feel as if the president doesn’t care about the people and the problems in his own country.

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