My Graduation Playlist

Graduation: well, I’ve been waiting for graduation for years. I’ve had senioritis since I was a freshman, which feels like only yesterday since it all went by so fast. Things were so much “harder” back then; little did I know the hardest parts were yet to come. There was losing friends, moving schools, and of course, and international quarantine. But throughout all of those days, when I felt the most alone, I had music on and my headphones in. I had Alex G as a crutch and Panda Bear as my shoulder to cry on. I had Mazzy Star as my angel and Kurt Cobain as my devil. They were and always will be there for me, so in honor of them, I have made a graduation playlist filled with all of my high school favorites.  

Here it is!

Song TitleArtist
Tropic Of Cancer Panda Bear
Sarah Ween
Say Can You HearMen I Trust
Adam (Bonus Track)Alex G
So Alex G
Waiting For You Alex G
Looking Out For You Joy Again
Kute Alex G
I Was All Over HerSalvia Plath
Winter SnakesJoy Again
Your House Steele Pulse
April Come She Will Simon and Garfunkel
Birthday The Sugar cubes
Fade into YouMazzy Star
Oceans Pearl Jam
Dumb Nirvana
Soup Blind Melon
3 LibrasA Perfect Circle

Going back and making this playlist brought me back to those small Oakland Mills hallways where I would walk from class to class. And as I made this I felt myself back in the art room where I felt most safe, or on a bus going to Hershey Park, or in the library with Paola for lunch. It was a great reflection of my high school experience and a great transition for what is to come. I hope you can listen to my playlist, enjoy it, and feel the same nostalgia that I did.

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