Oakland, We Have a Problem

With the 2021 Major League Baseball (MLB) season already underway, there have been so many things that have gone on. Six no-hitters have been thrown already this season, stadiums are opening up for the first time in a year, and most importantly, fans are able to go back into the stadiums and watch games. But one thing that is interesting for sure is the possibility of a MLB team moving. There have been some reports that the Oakland Athletics are possibly looking into moving to a new stadium in Oakland or possibly leaving Oakland all together.

The last time an MLB team moved was back in 2004 when the Montreal Expos moved from their stadium and city to their new home in Washington D.C. where they would then become the Washington Nationals. But Oakland is a little bit different than the Expos. The city of Oakland has recently seen most of their professional teams leave their city to go to new homes. One of the most recent and notable teams is the now Las Vegas Raiders. The Raiders shared the Oakland Coliseum with the Athletics for 15 seasons. The Raiders started to come to the city of Oakland to ask if they could build a new stadium of their own. The city ended not agreeing with the Raiders, and because of this, the Raiders went to Las Vegas where they would end up building their 2.1 billion-dollar stadium.

The Golden State Warriors also picked up their stuff and left Oracle Arena to move to the neighboring city of San Francisco to build their own 1.4 billion-dollar stadium. The Athletics have been trying to get a new stadium for many years now and the city of Oakland has continuously turned them down. But it’s not just the Athletics that want to build a new stadium, it’s also Major League Baseball. The Oakland Coliseum has been around for over 50 years, and the stadium is starting to show its age. There have been some reports that the facilities and the stadium are outdated. One other factor that Oakland and the Athletics have to figure out is that the Athletics’ lease is starting to come to an end and the Athletics have said that before this lease ends, they want to build a new stadium or find a new place to call home. The Athletics have recently put out some sketch work for the Oakland City Council to look over. This new “stadium” wouldn’t just be a stadium, it would be much more. The plans include housing, hotels, restaurants, and more amenities in the area that surrounds the field. The Athletics have told the city that they wouldn’t have to pay for any of it, they organization would pay for it themselves. But if Oakland once again says no, the Athletics will move and find a new place to call home. With all of these reports coming out, people have started to speculate where they might end up. Montreal, Portland, Nashville, and Charlotte are just some of the cities that have been mentioned as possible new home for the Athletics.

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