My Time On Twitch

Everybody can generally agree that the time spent quarantined was very difficult. Although if doesn’t feel like it has been that long, it has been over a year since we were all sent home back in March of 2020. Many people found different ways to escape the boredom; if it was scrapbooking, video games, or reading, generally people picked up many different skills. As we come back to the new normal, it is good to reflect on the positive that came out of a bad situation. 

For me, a great deal of my quarantine was spent picking up a new skill which was becoming a DJ. When I was first starting out, I had gone on my Instagram a few times with a few crates that I had built out of my mom’s computer. With all of these times that I went live, many people wanted to see more. Eventually, after going live a couple times on Instagram, I broke down and moved to Twitch in mid-November. Twitch is a streaming platform that brings digital communities together. I met many new people, had many new experiences, and ultimately grew on Twitch.  I was so large that my own school asked me to DJ homecoming this past year. It was a great experience and very enlightening, as it was my first job. With this, I took it as a learning experience to get better and learn more. 

Eventually I grew more, upgraded my setup, and rearranged my room every different type of way, even adding a green screen. With these adaptations, I met many of my mods (people that moderate my chat) that I know now, and many of these people I’m beginning to meet in person. All of these experiences, especially meeting the people that I have formed these relationships with on Twitch, has taught me that the quarantine period and my hard work hasn’t all been for nothing. This is a family that has been made despite the situation, and now I get to be there to see the fruit of my loins. Don’t ever stop growing or shut yourself off from new experiences because when you do that, you shut yourself off from meeting new people or possibly a whole community.

If you’d like to see my show, you can catch me on Wednesdays and Fridays at 6:30pm EST, and Sundays at 2:00pm. 

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